Stainless Steel Finishing Services by Poligrat

Today in modern world stainless steel produced in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and textures. Nowadays many types of Stainless steel have been developed to resist a number of corrosive environments. Stainless steel ensures that workplaces are safe and secure and you can do work with full peace of mind, all buildings last longer and food preparation surface is fully hygienic. Stainless steel is also an earth friendly material and it is used for in systems to clean up the exhaust gases. But stainless steel can only be achieved if proper cleaning and finishing operations like Electropolishing, Pickling & Passivation, Chemical Deburring, and Electrochemical Deburring are carried out. The functions of given techniques are explained below:

Electropolishing of Stainless Steel

Electropolishing of stainless steel is an electrochemical process which is used to remove material from surface of work piece to leaving a clear and smooth surface finish. Due to this process surface of the components is improved by treating with acid and applying suitable electrical current. Electropolishing is the opposite of electroplating process, and is carried out with similar equipment. Electropolishing process is used to produce a very striking and hygienic finish.

Passivation of Stainless Steel

The process of passivation of stainless steel describes the treating of steel with a mild oxidant to remove free iron from the surface of the steel. Passivation process is performed by submerging the steel in an oxidant, such as nitric acid or citric acid solution. The top layer of steel is removed, passivation reduces surface staining. As passivation does not affect the thickness of the passive layer, it is very helpful in producing a spotless surface for further treatment.

Pickling of Stainless Steel

Pickling of stainless steel is the most common pickling process that is an acid treatment to remove high temperature scale produced in welding and hot working. Pickling process also confiscates red rust from corrosion of the steel. Stainless steel pickling process depends upon size and shape pickle solution is applied to the metal surface of those components which are to be pickled. This process takes a few minutes up to a few hours at room temperature and then fully rinsed with water.

Chemical Deburring of Steel

Chemical Deburring is most cost effective and easy way of removing flash from injected molded parts such as holes, cross bores and recessed cavities and all those areas where normal access is impossible. It is very efficient process so we can easily use on variety of materials, including rubbers, plastics, silicones, and light metal die-castings. Almost any size and shape of component can be treated by Chemical Deburring.

Poligrat specializes in high quality electropolishing, passivation, metal pickling, Deburring, chemical cleaning, protective coatings and chemical polishing services. Poligrat is the part of Poligrat GmbH, the largest company in Europe so provide highest quality services at affordable price. Large and heavy parts in complex shapes or configurations are no problem for Poligrat.